And the paint goes on….

I have no idea why that song is stuck in my head. Even more puzzling is that it’s not even the original. Worse still is that it’s the song as interpreted by Brittany Spears. But enough about that random business. I’m still working on those little paintings…finally had some natural lighting to take pictures in 🙂

wildflower2001So I’ve decided to push this concept of not forgetting happy things or …how happy things relate to us. I feel like after a certain amount of time has passed we kindof forget those things until we are reminded of them by someone or something that triggers the memory.


I’m not quite sure how I feel about them. I’ve been looking at them for quite some time and I’m finding that at first glance you don’t notice the colors that are mixed into the white. You have to get close to them to see the variations and even then it takes a few seconds of staring. I do enjoy the sides of the canvases though. There is something nice about the geometric shadows that are cast and the organic lines of the paint.

wildflower1002I feel like I need to make a few more of these and see them in a larger group. I might get some use out of those 2″ x 2″ canvases after all 🙂


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