Inside the artist’s studio

So work continues on the new untitled drawing. I’m kindof getting a good night moon (ya know, the book with the bear and the moon and all that) feeling with the stronger blue-ish parts. I’m feeling a bit ambitious and I think I may finish this one tonight…or I may fall asleep in a pile of pastel dust. Now for a peek into the studio:


So every wall in my apartment is covered with work from the past 4 years. What? No one keeps their stuff from freshman year at art school. And I have a story that proves this. I was recently roaming the halls in the fine arts building and as they do every year, the powers that be in fine arts put all the work that had been just chilling forever out in the hall ways. They posted notes that said: If you do not pick up your work by such and such a date we WILL throw it away!!!. I looked through them just to see if I had some long lost painting floating around cluttering up CCS and lo and behold I did. From freshman year. Angsty, Alice Neel meets Alex Katz at a Dashboard Confessional concert and they decide to do a collaboration painting. Anyway…I kindof like having earlier work up while I’m making a new body. It’s fun to see what stylistic changes are happening and what not 🙂



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