Goin on a lion hunt…

Does anyone remember that song from summer camp? It was the best one. Anyway, the lion piece continues and now I am in the nit picky end stages…I also started a couple more little paintings…5 x 7. I want them to be a complimentary diptych.(or however you spell that word) There are these crazy red flowers that I see on my way to work everyday that kindof look like red chillies with flower petals on the ends and those will be on the orange side. Then I have a blue side that I plan to paint this flower called blue bean bush…or something like that…they are shaped like green beans ( still in the pod) and are this really saturated blue…but I digress…on to the progress photos!

lionpt2workspaceWhat distracting tape you say??? I think so too. Here it is minus the bright blue tape

lionpt2Stay tuned folks!


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