Up for discussion

So as I’m reading art magazines and going to shows and looking up different artists I’m starting to wonder if I need to make a real “artist statement”. I mean I always thought the work itself was the statement. I tried to write out a statement and I find that I am always adding things to it or taking things out. Perhaps I am missing the point behind the statement…or maybe my work doesn’t really need one. We all know that no one reads the artist blurb before reacting to the work anyway, and sometimes the “blurb” can totally rain on the parade of context that the viewer brings. This is only an issue for me because while I enjoy flowery-type things, I also enjoy snacks and cake and teddy bears and watching the sky go from night to day between 5 something a.m. and 6 something a.m. If I paint about these things then what is my statement? I don’t want to say that my work is personal because I feel that it puts a barrier between me and the audience. I don’t want people to feel like they are spying on me, I’d rather they felt welcome to join me in various visual shinanagans…shananigans? Either way perhaps the statement isn’t really a statement but rather an invitation. I suppose the nature of the invite depends on the work. Until the next time I’m feeling contemplative…here’s some blast from the past work. The first is called “free tickets to la-la land” and is pastel and watercolor, the second is a print called “alice” and it’s from my wonderland series of etchings and linoleum cuts.


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