The muse is back in town

After making the queen of hearts painting I decided that it was time to live with the new works I’ve made over the past months and decide where to go next. In attempting to plan the next move I hit a creative wall and it turns out Art Detroit Now was the cure. I kicked it off with a visit to the Robert Kidd gallery in Birmingham.

CIMG0024I love their lobby. It s like you can sit there and chill and be surrounded by art.

CIMG0008This is my favorite work that’s up right now and I will say the picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s looks like pure painting magic in the gallery. After that on a spur of the moment I decided to drive down to the Russell Industrial Center’s gallery to see a presentation by my friend and one of this year’s Kresge Fellows Cedric Tai.


Cedric and the Curator of the Russell Gallery

CIMG0036That is my favorite piece entitled coffee blossoms.


CIMG0038For anyone who is wondering yes there is actual coffee in the work. 🙂

I ended the night at Re:View Gallery and saw work by Dennis Hayes:

CIMG0071I love his paintings because they have so many layers and little nuances with pattern and texture. This one is my favorite. I highly recommend seeing the rest in person 🙂 Sometimes you just have to go on an art type adventure and see what other folks are discovering so you can go back to your own studio with fresh eyes.

Today I am starting a new body of work and focusing on painting for a while. I’ve decided to roll with the flora and find ways to push the motif and keep it exciting. I also have a new studio mate, an orchid which I’ve nicknamed Harry. Because orchids are more like pets than plants 😉

CIMG0095Random fact: I have been known to find all kinds of alternate uses for usb drives, my newest to date, canvas prop.


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