Late Night/Early Morning Studio Session…

If you take naps  in 90 min increments (1.5 hrs, 3 hrs, 4.5 hrs) you can get a ton of things done because the pattern mimics your natural rem cycles. Or so one of my friends says. I decided to try this at 8pm last night.  Sure enough I wake up at 12:30 am and practically bounced out of bed and into the studio. I opened the session with watching the newest episode of art 21 on pbs’ website

As I was watching/listening I worked on the little canvases


Four canvases later it’s almost 2 in the morning but I’m still not sleepy lol.

studio100904I started a larger one and probably got to bed around 3  or 4 in the morning.


violetdetailIt’s studio nights like this that remind me of being in school. The view from my studio isn’t as raw and urban (and charged with inspiration) as the one I had in Detroit, but  my neighbor across the street  is an avid gardener and it’s always fun to be painting and look out the window and see what he’s got growing over there :-).


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