Studio Update

I wasn’t really planning on posting tonight as I have been all over facebook today but then I decided I might want some feedback. The other day I went to Blick Art Supply in Dearborn for pyrol red and ended up getting some more canvases as well because the huge fall sale was still going on. So the first canvas I painted on for the day i decided must be red.

studioupdate001I liked it with the rest of the colors and decided to follow it with a golden yellow.

studioupdate002I spent some time thinking about which color should come next before thinking “well, after red and yellow the next color should be blue don’t you think?”. For a while I thought this was a horrible idea but curiosity get the best of me and I ended up throwing a healthy dose of orange in too…


I’m satisfied with the number of colors that are hanging out together at the moment.The big question is the big (18 x 36) canvas. I feel like it either needs to be the mate to one of the other colors or it has to be some totally random color that may or may not make sense but still fits well with the rest. I’m thinking about it so much because that will be the piece that is visible from the street (@ the salon). The other tricky thing is that this canvas will be pretty much in front of someone’s work station so the color I choose has to be interesting but not powerful enough to have any bad effects on the work mood. It might have to be a gradation of colors…but then will that be disruptive to the installation? I’m hoping it will serve as punctuation since that is the last work people will see before heading for the wine table with their thoughts.

studioupdate006Stay tuned for more colors and random guest appearances by my studio companion Mia 😉


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