Shaking things up

Gjon’s show at Beauty (SALON) was awesome! I have not stayed out past 2am for an art event since the Iggy Pop/Niagra show at C-pop gallery. Great art, great people, great times. You can see pictures from the show here. In addition to having a ton of fun i got some interesting insights on my own work. I went back into the studio today and started out splattering paint with reckless abandon. I knew that I wanted to have drips and started to tilt the canvas to see if i could get something interesting.



Then I decided not to use the brush for a minute and poured the second layer of paint. I wanted the drips on all sides and by tilting the canvas in all four directions I was left with an irregular grid and these little beads of paint where each drip ends which i find delightful.


I also figured out what to do with that big canvas. I’m using it as a drop cloth for all the other canvases that I’m pouring paint on  and using the left over paint to make more drip grids. My hope is that by the time I am done with the drip portion of the project I’ll have a nice layering of grids and the entire canvas will be covered. Then I’ll have a nice background for a self portrait 🙂


I’m not quite sure what the next step will be but I’m sure excited for this change of direction :-). Stay tuned!


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