Drip Dripped Drips Drippingest…

Just seeing if your were paying attention lol. Here are the happenings of the studio session tonight:


I decided it was time to bust out the jenkins green which I have nicknamed “the jenks”. Then I got what I like to call color happy and decided to throw in the next color. I think I just really wanted to mix up some lavender type violet but the result was good I think…


I even did some finger painting. The tiny linear archs of  dark green spatters are the result of me flicking the paint onto the canvas…which was delightfully fun. I got a feeling of mischief from it, which is always fun to have in a painting.



I took this next series of pictures as I was tilting the canvas to move the violet around. It was fascinating to watch the violet drips almost take on a 3d look as they cut through the darker green ones.







Fun times. I think I spent at least 5 minutes watching and taking pictures lol. What was the violet for you ask? It was for the first drip layers on these three little guys:


I feel like in the bottom right one the violet looks like a stylized version of a little space creature…


And now the blobs of paint must dry over night…Stay tuned for more drips, drops and spatters 😉


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