Time for another studio update!

As I get more and more layers of drips, I am becoming more and more intrigued by the process of making these paintings.

studio1030005I may have gone a little crazy with the yellow but it was so happy looking I wanted to have it in all of them!…but then I ran out of it so it’s just in most of them lol.

studio1030006I think it’s the most boppy in these little guys. Something about those little bits of chill violet peeking out from behind that super loud yellow makes me giggle. Not sure why it just does.





studio1030009I feel like that last one is a hot mess right now…(pitfalls of being too impatient to wait for puddles of paint to dry at least half way lol) but pouring the yellow made me feel like I was painting with a bucket of sunshine.

studio1030010I think I’m done pouring on these three canvases. I’ve decided that some of the pieces will have more drips than others and I’ll just work on them until I am satisfied with how the colors play together.

studio1030011I feel like I can almost see a sky scraper in this one. It’s like…a happy version of the batman colors lol.

studio1030012I’ve also decided that I’m using this large canvas for the self portrait that I’m showing in an exhibition in December…ish, I can’t remember when it is exactly lol. I like the structural chaos factor.

studio1030013Remember that first orange one I started with? I like it better now that it’s just peeks of orange. I suppose I’m just not a full blown orange type of person lol. One more layer of paint, some vines, and a flower or two and this one can be the new image for the facebook event! What event you ask? This event!


*cue classic looney tunes music* ubbadee ubbadee ubbadee that’s all folks!!…well until tomorrow 😉



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