Self Portrait Mania

For the past two days I have been frantically working on a self portrait for a show coming up in December. Long story short, I thought I had more time to get it to the gallery than I really did. They also requested an artist statement for the work:

Breathing Space

Aside from physical documentation, a self-portrait is an emotional snapshot of its creator. The creator of this portrait believes herself to be an optimist. When chaos is all around, the only thing to do is close your eyes and breathe. I find myself doing this often as I am easily overwhelmed. At first when I close my eyes I see nothing. A warm expanse of dark invites me to retreat. Deeper and deeper I go until I come to a place of comfort. I call this the breathing space.

In the breathing space there is room for decompression. Everything can relax and weary minds can unwind. There is nothing to worry about and everything is alright. There is no war, no sickness, no hate, no worries. One can feel free to linger and simply watch the clouds roll by with the only sound being a faint chorus of contented sighs.

In this day in age women in particular get so caught up in life in general that there is no time to breathe. They are professionals, homemakers, care givers; they push and work and fight to “make it” and run the risk of burning themselves out before they can reach their goals. It is my hope that this work will serve as a gentle reminder to all my sisters to pause for a moment and take a nice deep breath.

Here are some in progress pictures. I hope to finish this before 3am tuesday morning lol.


SNV32978Stay tuned! 🙂


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