Nitpicky pockets

The self portrait saga continues, here are some more progress pics:

hselfportrait006I think it’s safe to say that I’m in the final stages of this project and just have lots of nitpicky type things to fix. Like my uneven eye sockets lol. I like this stage of the pastel works because chances are I will ruin this at least 5 times before I decide that it’s done. It’s like a game that I play with myself to see how far I can push the medium before I’m like o.k. this is now a total piece (of crap) and I either have to start all over or work some magic. So far the “magic” has been working and this piece has only been “ruined” once today lol.

hselfportrait007I just realized how mighty blingy that mose piercing is lol. I feel like it would be pretty “gangsta” of me to leave it that way but I don’t want it to look like a random fleck of something I forgot to blend lol.


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