I know I said no more pictures….but…

Nothing is finished yet so they’re more like teasers  than spoilers..and I think this one is kinda blurry anyway 🙂 I didn’t paint last night due to a bad case of the blues because my kitty companion has been pretty sick. But a trip to the vet, antibiotics, and fancy canned food was the cure! This morning she was back to her normal spazzy self (at 6 am >.<) and I decided to try and paint and cheer myself up too.  A 2 hour block of cartoons and a retro episode of sabrina the teenage witch (you know you secretly loved that show in the 90’s!) later, I was left with this little happy 🙂


This is a zoomed in view of the part that’s pretty much finished lol


I’ve been in a poppy mood lately…maybe I’ll do a series of them they’re so fun to paint!

Stay tuned folks! 🙂


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