Scribbles and Musings…

Today I started actually finishing paintings. I’ve added vine work and gave them a generous coat of varnish. There are 13 hanging in the salon all ready and 5 left. I decided that this would be a good time to formulate some sort of statement about this work.

It seems that I’m having an identity crisis. Or at the very least a conflict of sorts. I am at a point in my life/career where I feel that I need to move some metropolis with bright lights and a crazy art scene to stay inspired and be a real fine artist. I know it’s not really necessary or practical for me to do this but I feel this way all the same. My day to day surroundings lack the fascinating visual chaos of Detroit, or any other large city. I call it visual chaos because in big cities, anything can be going on at any given time in any number of places that all have their own look and feel. One needs only to spin around a couple times to see all these happenings at once…Or they could get a bird’s eye view of all the random events from the top floor of a parking structure.

I remember looking out my 11th floor dorm room window for hours on end at cars zooming down john r, sometimes in the wrong direction, students rushing to class, and tall buildings as far as my eyes could see. What made it special was that ever so often there would be a gorgeous sunset, and suddenly the view out my window seemed magical.

I made the decision to start pouring my layers of paint to create my own little splash of visual chaos. As the drip layers built up, they started to form grids which in turn started to look like cityscapes and structures. I enjoy the idea of juxtaposing the flowers with the “grids”. They are like the random beautiful things that can sometimes be found in the midst of the chaos. Like a garden of wild flowers in a vacant lot next to an abandoned building.




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