A fine art making frenzy…

The show at the salon was excellent. I painted right until the last minute (because I decided I wanted to make another larger piece while I was finishing the other paintings lol). Thanks to everyone who came out, you guys made the night awesome 🙂 I posted the pictures here.

After the show I had to get right back to work and finish my sketchbook for the sketchbook project. I also started some more poppy paintings :-):

Phew! I didn’t realize how many drawings that was until I had to upload them lol. 72 Hours of straight drawing..and inking…and coloring…lol

Now that that’s over I have one more project to do for the Jewish Community Center.  The upcoming exhibit is called Under The Watchful Eye: The Hamsa Project and they are having artists from all walks of life create their art on hamsas cut from masonite.

“A hamsa is an upside down hand (sometimes right side up) that is an amulet symbolizing the hand of god, protection, etc.   Sometimes you see them with a blue eye in the center.  That is the evil eye that wards off evil spirits and such. The hamsa is prominent in Jewish, Arab, and Indian Cultures.” -info packet

So the hamsas are 13 x 16 (ish) and I got a couple of them last week. At the moment I’m doing some serious brainstorming but seeing as how they are due back on the 21st of December I guess I should start doing some serious painting lol.



Also, if anyone happens to be in the Detroit ares on thursday night, be sure to check out The Creators: Self Portraits exhibition at the WCCC Brown & Juanita C. Ford Gallery and see not only my self portrait, but portraits by all the artists I admire 🙂 Check out the facebook invite here.

That’s all for now (and I think it was quite enough lol) stay tuned! 🙂


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