Holiday Synopsis

Hello all. I realize that I have not blogged all month but I do have some photographic excuses.

Since the show I have been debating on which direction to go with this work. It seems that after 25 paintings I start to get bored and the work runs the risk of getting stale. After completing the sketchbook for the sketchbook project I took a much needed break to read/think about painting. I came to the conclusion that the key element of all my work is color and I’m pretty obsessed with it. (For those of you who are also color obsessed check out color + design). So I suppose the question is: If color is the most important thing is there really a need for object specific subject matter? Red will read as red no matter what the object.

So in this set of paintings I was trying to address this issue. The subject reference was wisteria. I wanted to combine the simplified shapes of this pretty complex vine to make an image that was more decorative and pattern-like than still life-ish. I worked with colors that are more subtle than I am used to and found it to be just as interesting and challenging as working with louder colors. By force of habit I made a couple more  flower paintings.

I think aside from my “hue-lust” I have the need to paint “stuff”. I’ve been bumbling towards abstraction but the commercial part of me likes ending up with recognizable imagery.  For the hamsa project I played with both color and imagery. The result was very pleasing but the painting process was a bit long and I’m still deciding whether or not it was worth it. Don’t get me wrong I am not one to rush my work. It’s just that I know there  is a more efficient way to get the same result (ie: use pastel instead lol).

These are hamsas that I painted for a type of peace project that I am participating in at Janice Charach Gallery. The upcoming exhibit is called Under The Watchful Eye: The Hamsa Project and will open January 10th and run until March 7th. In case anyone is wondering these are approximately 13″ x 9″ and are priced at $250 ea. I believe the next step will be to go back to making the large pastels. Not like the large “this is such and such a flower” ones. These will have lots more going on in terms of pattern. As always the color rules will be invented as I go :-). Until next time…or in this case probably next year…that’s all folks!

Actually that wasn’t all. I just got hired to teach 2 hour painting and pastel workshops at various Michael’s craft stores starting in march so…sign up and come paint with me! :-D..ok now I’m done lol.


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