Now That’s a Challenge

I ended 09 having produced over 25 paintings in the last few months. Now in the second week of the new year, I haven’t made anything. In my studio I have a huge piece of paper taped to the wall and ready for pastel. It’s been taunting me for the past 3 weeks. I have a small half started painting that I started 2 weeks ago…and I haven’t touched it since. While it’s true that I’m not feeling all that inspired, I don’t think that is the issue. The issue is something I like to call “supply anxiety”. In organizing all my tools yesterday I took an inventory of what colors I have and how many of each and have come to the conclusion that I have  enough pastels to make one large red, green, yellow (ochre), and pinch of blue and violet something. And I don’t have white….or cream, eggshell, off white, not even the lightest gray. Yes, it’s irritating I know lol. Even more irritating is that I have LOTS of black, burnt umber, and charcoal.

Out of frustration I issued myself a challenge. One drawing, made with only the colors I have, and just to be difficult I made poppies as the subject matter off limits.

Now that the challenge is out in the open on the world wide web I have to do it! Or at least give it a try, and that is exactly what I intend to do. I would set a time limit but I don’t want to rush and make something lame because that would be an irresponsible waste of pastel….so here goes with any luck something new and wonderful. Stay tuned folks!


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