Challenge complete!

Due to some switching of the salon schedule to accommodate the other receptionist’s school schedule I had a 4 day weekend. In that four days I finished the challenge piece. These were the colors I had in my set:

I started with tulips and daisies and worked my way through each color until I was satisfied with it.

When I started swirling in those background colors I thought for sure I was going to run out of the lighter green colors lol. I’ve got them down to pea sized nuggets of pastel. I left the other flowers as rough sketches for a long time because I just couldn’t decide what color they needed to be. It turned out that they needed to be a bunch of colors 🙂

I left the vines alone until the very end too. There’s nothing worse than having to make color adjustments on line work that is already built up with pastel. I did find a bit of white so I’m debating whether or not to rub the rest of it into the top parts of the image. For now it’s finished but I’m sure I’ll pick at it as long as it’s in my studio lol 😉

Now I get to move on to the gimongous water lily project I’ve been planning in my sketchbook for the past week or so. This piece is called “Tip Toeing Though the Tulips” and will be up for sale on the gallery site in the next few days.
Stay tuned folks!


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