Speaking of the Goo Goo Dolls…

In my search for a title for the iris piece I came across lyrics for their hit song “Iris”. Not quite the feel I’m going for but that led me on a tangent of 90’s music in which I dug up some cd’s and…I hate to admit…a mix tape. Not mix cd, but actual cassette. Ah those were the days. If you also reminisce about the 90’s from time to time and are prone to making dial -up internet jokes check this out. It sure cracked me up lol.

Anyway, back to the pastel of it all…Since this piece is smaller, I find that I am dragging it out so I have something to work on this week and because I’ve never painted irises before and I’m pretty fascinated by them. I’ve been using all sorts of purple and my favorite color to pair with purple is yellow green…and not just your regular old crayola yellow green. I’m talking glowing, nuclear, could probably make teenage mutant ninja turtles, acid green. The two colors paired together have a way of setting each other off which I find delightful 🙂

Stay tuned folks!


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