Studio Update Time!

So sometimes near the end of winter if I don’t have a show to get ready for I get a bit of an art block. Apparently it was pretty tough this year because I haven’t been in my studio for 3 weeks. That’s not to say I haven’t been creating things…this ad for instance:

I’ve also been doing a bit of designing just with type and hashing out ideas on the computer. Whether or not this is a good thing I’m not sure. While I do feel the need to be able to navigate the adobe programs I get out of sorts when I feel like I am forgetting how to draw. To counter this I’ve been doing a lot of scatterbrained sketches…more like mock-ups for future works. In the midst of all this digital business I started a piece that is half the size of the iris painting. The idea was that I secretly love girlie pink fluffy looking things with a bit of edge to them so I wanted to use a light pink oriental poppy as my subject matter.

The downside of  working during the wee hours is that your pictures come out a bit dark and gloomy so please bear with me lol. The cool thing about this flower is that it has super dark parts and this for me is the “edge” in the midst of all the “froufrou” 🙂

My new favorite soft pastel color by Sennelier? Nasturtium Orange. Sounds like a disease but it has the perfect blending texture =)

I also finally got to use this dusty dark lavender color that is in every set I get. Good thing I didn’t need that color until now because I’ve been using a ton of it!

I know you’re all dying to know if I’m planning on showing this work at some point and since we’re all so bored with the paintings that are currently up in the salon the answer is yes. I was shooting for the third week of april but one of my friends who has not shown new work in a while already nabbed that weekend lol. So I’ve decided to have the show on the following weekend, which is my birthday so it will definitely be a party. I just might make cake. Rather I just might attempt to 😉

So this is where I’m at with this work and I plan to finish it in the next couple days. As always I’ll post update pics on facebook. Stay tuned folks!


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