Title Pending

So I’ve been making this work without a set in stone direction. I started the tulips in the winter and I remember just being done with snow and sub zero temperatures so I made a temporary garden for myself. I didn’t think about titles or anything like that and the next piece, the irises, was the result of a challenge by one of my friends. I don’t remember what we were chatting about but she said to me “Heather what about irises? You never make those…” Which was true because in my mind there were plenty of other purple flowers to paint without feeling like I was ripping off Van Gogh…Then I got over it and made an iris piece to prove that I wasn’t intimidated lol. This one that I just finished came from a wispy frivolous daydream of a sketch. I actually almost decided against reproducing it in pastel because of a shadow that I thought looked good in the sketch but might be an issue in a larger version. Luckily it turned out alright somehow. I almost had a heart attack working with that much white space contrasted with such dark parts. One false move and you have to either pull a magical undo rabbit out of your hat or start over. But I digress. Here is the finished version:

I didn’t post the best pic of it because  you’ll just have to come see it in person at the show on April 24th. The title is pending as was the show title until last night. I’m trying to not rush into slapping titles on things as soon as I finish them. I’m finding that it’s better to chill with the work for a while and let it influence the next piece so everything meshes together nicely. I’ll be taking the next piece a step farther in the abstraction department and I’m pretty excited about it. The reference photo totally justifies my need to combine all sorts of crazy colors in the same piece for no reason except that I get so much joy from using and looking at them. That’s all for now, stay tuned folks! 🙂

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