The Dog Days of Summer

Well hello all! Long time no blog and all that lol. 🙂 The show was awesome, I promise I’ll post pictures soon…and or eventually…some time before the end of summer…

I’m sure everyone has been wondering what i’ve been up to for the past however long its been. In short I have finally crossed over to the dark side a.k.a. the world of digital production art. I am learning Maya (of all programs!) and a compositing program called Nuke. “WHY” you ask? Because I want to make beautiful matte paintings like Dylan Cole and Yannick Dusseault! 😀 Go post production!!!

I also kicked out another little promo card for the salon today 🙂 (because I know folks get bummed when I don’t post any pictures lol)

So here is the stock photo that I started with:

Several color corrections and a snappy slogan later:

There is a back to this postcard but it’s just type and that’s not as fun to look at as color corrections 😛  lol

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more digital chatter and possibly screen shots of my totally riveting Maya project (go super cool BMW rims!) 😀


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