“The Real Folk Blues”

I made a little painting for Christopher to put on his desk at work 🙂

I always have a heck of a time naming these little guys because I make them so quickly. For me, naming the works is almost as fun as making them because I like to sneak little jokes into them 😉 So with this one I was bouncing words around in my head and I knew I wanted the word “blues” in it but this isn’t really a sad painting it’s just mellow. So I started thinking about mellow bluesy songs that I liked and I remembered the ending theme song of Cowboy Bebop. (A stretch yes but bear with me lol). It’s titled the “Real Folk Blues” and from the context clues in the ending sequence I can only assume the song relates to the fast paced, exciting life of the main character who is a bounty hunter in the future (the one where earth doesn’t exist and everyone’s taking vacations on mars etc). The lone space cowboy. No guts no glory. Go ahead make my day…Oh wait I think I just lapsed into Dirty Harry. Anyway that’s the feeling I get from that song and I kindof think of Christopher as a no guts no glory type of guy (minus the bounty hunting lol)  so that’s where the title came from.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more little paintings and etsy updates! 🙂


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