Long time no blog

Howdy! I realize it’s been a long time. A really long time. Like a month of Sundays long time. But I have a great excuse. I’ve been developing my digital skills. “But why would you forsake painting, your love, your life, for the digital dark side????” You ask.  Because the road to being a matte painter at Pixar (some day)  is paved with pixels. Ok that was a terrible joke. Even so, I’ve been cramming my head with tutorials and articles and practicing like crazy. So far I’ve learned a bit more about maya and lighting, nuke and color corrections/bezier curves/rotoscoping, bunkspeed and texturing/HDRI maps/rendering…oh yah, and a whole lotta photoshop.

This is an image for a full page Beauty (SALON) ad. To the left is the original stock photo from 123RF. This was actually a lot of fun and very similar to painting…just with different tools 🙂

This next one is a new development. A friend let me use this model they bought from turbo squid. (He was even nice enough to prep it for Bunkspeed Shot for me 🙂 ) I actually really like using Bunkspeed for lighting and texturing because you can get a pretty nice render to work with fairly quickly.

This was the first good render of this car, I’ll be retouching and putting it in a super cool car type environment over the next couple weeks. I have a different render going with a different angle (tail lights holla!!) and I used a gunmetal color for the paint…it should finish rendering some time this afternoon. I can’t wait to see it 😀 That’s all for now, I’ll be posting updates from time to time (I promise!). Stay tuned folks!


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