“Show me the tail lights!”

Over the weekend I had more time to play with the Mustang model and I must say this whole 3d thing is pretty sweet.  I used Bunkspeed this time around but after watching a few tutorials about lighting in Maya I think I’m going to try it that way next. Maybe I’ll add racing stripes eh? 🙂

This is pretty much what I got straight out of Bunkspeed’s renderer with the exception of some color corrections and a bit of painting on the tail lights that I did in Photoshop. I was starting to get pretty frustrated when it was explained to me that the point of retouching 3d renders is to get them closer to what a photograph would look like. It’s kindof weird to have to remember to add things that we see all the time like motion blur and hot spots in highlights but at the same time it’s really cool to be able to dictate how the model looks from start to finish. Now that I have a render I like I can start the retouching and compositing magic! I think this Mustang is begging for smoke effects. And fire!…Ok maybe fire is over kill…or is it? 😉 Stay tuned folks!


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