Testing 2.0

When I got home from work today at noon I sat down to work on this and I figured I’d spend a few hours on it and then do some sketching. A few hours turned into the rest of the day and here we are with version 2.0 of the Venice “underpainting” 🙂

I was having issues with the bridge in the last version (the railing was crampin’ my style lol) so I found one with no frills. After exploring a few other options I took out the tops of the buildings in the background and worked on making them fit together. I also played with the sky/clouds to see if i could get it to mesh with the lights I painted in the last version which I also tweaked. I can’t decide if I like that darker cloud that touches the tops of the farther back buildings…It’s kindof looking like a ghost of something strange. I’m really enjoying this stage of the process because the more subtle changes I make the more it starts to look like an actual place 🙂 Next I’ll address that crazy archway…hopefully I don’t have to take it out, it’s really why that section is there lol. I think I can make it work with a bit of photoshop trickery 😉 That’s all for now, stay tuned folks!

***Sub Post 5/27/11*** Yes I just made that up lol. I looked at this again this morning and while I like the look of buildings that are so old they might crumble into the water at any minute, I felt like the leaning tower effect was a bit extreme lol.

So in this edit I rotated the canvas a bit and cropped in. I’ll probably just finish this out as a value/ light study and build a new painting using the 18:9 format 🙂


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