“The time has come,” the textbook said…

“to talk of many things; of shots and scenes and story boards, of  cameras and keys”…lol 🙂 Howdy Folks! I wanted to post an update before I got totally sucked into the vortex the is my quest for 3d knowledge. So far I’ve picked up two really good books. One is called The Digital Matte Painting Handbook (check it out on amazon) and the other is Vue 9 From the Ground Up. I’ve also acquired some new “peeps” and or “homies” (holla! lol) in the industry and between them, the books, and quite a few gnomon dvds (courtesy of said peeps) I’m happy to say that my brain is filled to the brim with new tricks 😀

My latest venture is learning how to create environments in Vue. So far I’ve made a snow man (it was the 1st tutorial lol), a canyon type desert, and over the weekend I started a little waterscape project. The only lame thing about Vue is that it uses openGL rendering which is a bit slow and using the high quality settings for test renders is not practical so here’s a little preview render from last night’s studio session:

I’ll post a higher quality render when I’ve got the textures looking how I want them, this is really just a sketch 🙂 That’s all for now, stay tuned folks!


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