There’s a 1st time for everything (and a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th…..)

But if you’re rendering using OpenGL you might be dead before the 5th  render finishes. 😉

So Howdy folks!

This is my second iteration of the island scene. I decided against the rocks and light blue sky…it was looking a bit like a video game scene. I also made some adjustments to the island…I think the scale is better now. I’m still not quite happy with the shape of the island but the colors and feel are starting to look nice…I’m sure I’ll change them in Photoshop 🙂 I’m still not on speaking terms with Maya but I might have to learn V-ray for the sake of my sanity because the render times in Vue are outrageous. Other than that it’s a pretty sweet program and fun to use once you figure out what not to do lol. That’s all for now, my computer might explode if I don’t turn it off for a while, otherwise I’d still be fiddling with this scene 😉


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