Iris It Were Spring…

The irises are finished..and signed! 😀

So now I have three works to potentially submit to New American Paintings this month. I’m still debating on the next one…if I make the huge water lilies I’ll more than likely be out of pastel before it’s half finished…but if I go with making the smaller hibiscus I’ll be left with 30 different shades of black in my set and I’ll have to come up with some groovy way to use nothing but darks lol. Either way, I’m starting the next piece today so I’ll have time for little disasters and such before the 27th 😉 Here are the finished irises which if you haven’t guessed, I’ve titled “Iris it Were Spring”

That’s all for now, stay tuned folks! 🙂


Going for the Gusto

The iris piece is moving along and I already have an idea of what the next piece will be. I was going to make something ridiculously huge but I’ve decided that I want to submit work to new american paintings and one of book arts press’ other publications….Long story short the “other publication’s” deadline is friday and they only allow two or three pictures however new american paintings’ deadline is in 4 weeks and they allow 4 so I need to make an extra small piece so I can submit the best 2 for the first one. After the longest sentence ever, I’ve decided on orange hibiscus for my next subject matter. It should be fun 🙂

I learned all about irises today on wikipedia. More like I learned what a lot of different people that have edited wikipedia have to say about them. My current favorite breed is called the samurai warrior and it’s pretty wicked. Also the fleur-de-lis is modeled after an iris, go figure. I could never figure out how to draw those things because I didn’t have a shape to compare them to… But I digress. Here is the progress I’ve made on my irises:

I probably won’t be blogging until after I finish the hibiscus piece but I’ll be sure to post photo updates on facebook and twitter 😉 That’s all for now, stay tuned folks! 😀

Speaking of the Goo Goo Dolls…

In my search for a title for the iris piece I came across lyrics for their hit song “Iris”. Not quite the feel I’m going for but that led me on a tangent of 90’s music in which I dug up some cd’s and…I hate to admit…a mix tape. Not mix cd, but actual cassette. Ah those were the days. If you also reminisce about the 90’s from time to time and are prone to making dial -up internet jokes check this out. It sure cracked me up lol.

Anyway, back to the pastel of it all…Since this piece is smaller, I find that I am dragging it out so I have something to work on this week and because I’ve never painted irises before and I’m pretty fascinated by them. I’ve been using all sorts of purple and my favorite color to pair with purple is yellow green…and not just your regular old crayola yellow green. I’m talking glowing, nuclear, could probably make teenage mutant ninja turtles, acid green. The two colors paired together have a way of setting each other off which I find delightful 🙂

Stay tuned folks!


After the tulips I was totally amped to work on the super huge piece I’ve been sketching out for the past few weeks… but then realized I’d either have to become instantly famous or sell one of the other pastels first because the super huge piece would call for tons of pastel. Like maybe a dozen or so of each color needed for the piece lol.

In the meantime while I’m waiting for either the letter in the mail that will inform me of my instant fame I am finally making irises (after a couple years of debate, laziness, and lack of purple). It will be relatively smaller than former works (partially because the rest of the roll of paper is for the huge piece) so my palette is not as extensive as the last.

I’ve decided that I want to finish it today…but we’ll see how that goes 😉

Stay tuned folks!