Holy Updates!

So I almost had to paint a gigantimous mural but ended up pricing myself out of range -yes even after the friends and family discount lol. Things tend to get pretty expensive pretty quickly when you need to pay people to help you (more to make sure you don’t fall to your death off of the scaffolding).  So that’s out but in the process of making paintings to bid on this job I found some new art things that I love. First of all Utrecht was having a sale and they had canvas boards for like 2 cents! Ok maybe a little more than that but still less than a dollar and naturally since they were on sale I had to get like 20 of them. Another cool thing is that the standard sizes of the boards pop right into their brand of cute (and professional) silver frames (hollaaa!!). I am now obsessed with the 5 x 7 size and I made these!

The signed one is finished for sure…I’m still iffy on the one below.

I really enjoy this size because I can make a painting in an afternoon and not have to worry so much about the design wrapping around the edges (though that’s great fun too).  So I’m making lots of little paintings!

In other news I opened an etsy store (for the little paintings and some of the pastels) and I am going to start teaching workshops for  at the Michaels’ store in Rochester Hills so stay tuned for the schedule!


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